Jason McMahan

Jason is based out of Dallas, Texas and is known for his innovative routines and ability to pull the best out of every team … maximizing the teams’ results, by maximizing their talents through innovative choreography!

After becoming involved in cheerleading in 1991 at Texas City High School for three years, he found a passion and achieved All-American status each year, as well as becoming NCA Partner Stunt National Champion in 1994. Proceeding high school, Jason received a cheerleading scholarship to Trinity Valley Community College, where he continued to earn NCA Collegiate All-American awards each year, and was also a member of the 1996 NCA Collegiate National Champion team

During this year, he also historically participated in the opening ceremonies of the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, GA. Aside from cheering at TVCC, Jason was also an NCA staff member for two years before he was offered the opportunity to continue his cheerleading career professionally at the Arlington, TX gym, Cheerleading Unlimited, later named All-American Cheer United (AACU). There, he coached and choreographed competitive all-star teams and was also very involved in the high school program with many different local high schools each year, teaching pep-rally routines, half-time routines, competitive routines, as well as general team training. He choreographed, coached and produced music for novice through advanced level divisions at AACU, won over 34 National titles and received several prestigious innovative choreography awards. He was also involved in judging many competitions, as well as try-out sessions for local high schools.

After several years at AACU, Jason was promoted to Director of the entire All-Star Program for the 2002-2003 season. Jason then accepted an offer at the world re-known Cheer Athletics, where he coached, choreographed, produced music and conducted elite level tumbling classes. Jason was also involved in the high school program at Cheer Athletics with many different teams, one of them being the highest scoring team to that date in 2004, in NCA High School level cheerleading.

Other than the 40+ National titles and consistently receiving numerous innovative choreography awards, Jason also coached and co-choreographed teams that won gold and silver medals at The Cheerleading Worlds. After great success at Cheer Athletics and learning that he would soon be a father, Jason decided to change his focus toward independent choreography and cheerleading services to allow more time for him to spend with his family in 2007. Since gym hours are long and irregular, Jason’s new journey was to focus his energies toward making his own schedule and traveling around the world doing choreography, judging, conducting skills camps, speaking at cheerleading coaches’ conventions, as well as team training for several different local high schools. Having been doing limited outside choreography since 1996, his great deal of experience has provided him with the gifts of creativity and innovativeness, which have strongly been proven by his excellent record at all levels.

Jason is USASF certified and has produced over 500 National Champion routines to date, some of which have even achieved Grand Champion and/or World Champion status. He also has had teams medal and place in the top three at the prestigious Cheerleading Worlds and NCA National Championships. He’s consistently proven to innovatively be able to custom cater routines to fit all different skill levels and abilities, while highlighting each and every team to their best!

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